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Community Spotlight: Project Comms Interview Dr. Tao Leigh Goffe on the History of Hip Hop

August 15, 2023

Dr. Tao Leigh Goffe is a member of BCNY’s Professional Advisory Council, assistant professor of literary theory and cultural history at Cornell University, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton and John Hopkins Universities, and Artist-in-residence at Columbia University’s Climate School. Her works include maroon/mawon/marron and Kill them with the “No!”, two sound exhibits at the Institute of Jamaica, AFTER EDEN, a book exploring the Climate Crisis and the racial origins of natural history, and more! 

Besides her roles in academia, Dr. Goffe is also a DJ, with an affinity for hip hop. In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of hip hop, Project Comms participants, Nickolas K and Christian G. interviewed Goffe about her connection to hip hop, its history, and its impact on the world. In this interview, she talks about her favorite artists and songs, the message of hip hop, and how she has seen the power of hip hop firsthand. 

Watch the full interview here. 

Learn more about Tao here.

This post was created by Project Comms participant, Nickolas K.