Integrate Care and Rest Into Your Day. For Members and Guardians

About the Program

BCNY’s experienced social work team alongside our program staff supports members and their families’ overall emotional and psychological health with one-on-one and group counseling. Wellness programming helps members regulate their bodies and emotions through guided meditation, yoga, and sensory art. This helps boys and young men feel empowered to value their personal health and self-care, and gives them the tools to navigate challenging times.

Activities include:

  • Sensory Art
  • One on One Counseling
  • Parent Support Group
  • Youth Support Group
  • Mental Health Events
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

“Members gain coping skills, decrease stress and learn how to cope with anxiety. They leave the clubhouse with increased calm and focus.”

Robyn Bayetis

Community Spotlight

“I like taking time to relax after being at school.”

BCNY Member

“I like that I can use breathing to calm me down.”

BCNY Member

“Yoga is something I can do and it makes me feel good.”

BCNY Member

“I like being in the social work office.”

BCNY Member