Common Questions and Policy Information

General Information

Eligible Ages

To register at Abbe Clubhouse and Gerry Clubhouse, members must be currently enrolled in 2nd to 12th grade.

School Holiday Courses

BCNY is closed when NYC public schools are closed. Please view the BCNY calendar included with this form. For closures due to inclement weather, please be on the lookout for messages from BCNY.

Covid-19 Staff Vaccination Requirements

BCNY frontline staff and volunteers are not required to be vaccinated against COVID but are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated and to receive a booster shot.



Clubhouses open at 2:30 pm for after-school and at 10:00 am for BCNY Saturdays.


Clubhouses close at 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and at 3:00 pm on Saturday.

Dismissal times and procedures vary according to age. We ask that guardians and caregivers be aware of their child’s dismissal times.

To assure the safety of our members, guardians must remain in the designated waiting area to pick up their members.


Upon registration for after-school programming, new participants automatically become BCNY members.

BCNY membership is free of charge to ensure access and easy entry for all boys and young men.

To become a BCNY member, click here.


Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. If registration is full, your child will be placed on a waitlist.

Social Media

BCNY’s social media accounts are part of our mission to remain connected, especially during these challenging times. We encourage our community to submit memories, photos, and stories of their or their member’s BCNY experiences here. Anyone sharing this user-generated content must have the right to do so and has the permission of the photographed individuals.

Please do not post photos of BCNY members without the permission of a parent or guardian.

All BCNY members sign a media waiver upon registration. BCNY has consent to post pictures of program participants and members on social media. Staff members may not post photos of members on personal social media accounts.

For more information, please contact us at communications@bcny.org.

Parent FAQ

Is the Boys’ Club of New York part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America?

No, we are not. BCNY was a founding member of the Federated Boys’ Clubs in 1906. The Boys’ Clubs of America became The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America (BGCA) in 1990, at which point BCNY remained a charter member. After almost 20 years, BCNY’s leadership decided that maintaining our historic commitment to serving the special needs of boys and young men proved to be distinct from the scope of BGCA’s mission, and in 2005 we amicably parted ways, although we remain mutually supportive and respectful of each other’s programming.

Why Boys?

BCNY is dedicated to ensuring all boys experience a childhood full of fun, play, agency and choice and is committed to continuing to meet their critical needs. With BCNY programs, members explore their diverse interests and strengths and are equipped to reimagine masculinity and futures free from racist stereotypes and gender norms.

We are happy to assist families in finding free or affordable programs for youth of all other genders.

How many staff members work at BCNY?

BCNY has 45 full-time staff and 59 part-time staff.

Is BCNY Department of Health (DOH) Child Care certified?

Yes, we maintain a School-Age Child Care certification from DOH at each Clubhouse.

Does BCNY operate on semesters like a school?

During the school year, BCNY operates all programs on a cycle basis. The fall cycle runs from September to December. The winter cycle runs from January to March, and the spring cycle runs from April to June. BCNY offers Summer Cycle and Harriman Base Camp in Harriman State Park. Click here for dates and to learn more about summers at BCNY.

How does a boy become a member?

Any boy currently enrolled in grades 2-12, regardless of zip code, immigration status or family’s income, is eligible to become a member of the Boys’ Club of New York. To become a member, please complete the registration form here. If you are returning, please submit new health and CACFP Food forms in the fall. Upload the most recent forms to your parent portal here.

How much does BCNY cost?

All programming, camp, and services are free of charge.

Is registration annual, or one-time?

Registration is one time. Members returning in the fall must submit updated documentation before returning to their Clubhouse for fall programming.

Does BCNY provide meals?

We provide snacks and dinner during the school year. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided during summer camp and Saturday Academy. We strive to serve only healthy meals and have limited the vending machine options.

Can members leave the clubhouses on their own?

Members 13 and older may go home on their own. Members, 10-12 must have a parent or guardian submit a Junior Dismissal Permission Slip permitting him to walk home alone. Members under 10 must be picked up by an approved adult.

Who is allowed to pick up members?

All members will be released to approved adults only, as indicated on your member’s registration form.