Find the Right High School for You

About the Program

High School Access (HSA) academically prepares sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students to navigate the New York City high school application process. After completing an academic profile, members and their families will meet with education staff to evaluate academic goals and high school prospects. BCNY will then recommend programs, scholarship opportunities and academic support services based on academic goals and high school aspirations.

BCNY advocates on behalf of its members and connects parents, teachers, and students with schools in an attempt to improve student outcomes.

“BCNY instills confidence in members, supporting their belief in their ability to succeed and persevere. Members also become part of the alumni network that continuously offers guidance as they become future leaders, ensuring BCNY’s impact is lifelong.”

Antonio Aponte, Director of Career and Education Services

Community Spotlight


97% of HSA participants have been accepted into one of their top three choices after completing the NYC high school application process.


“It was definitely eye-opening to see how a New York City kid, like myself, could be going to an elite private high school in other states where the programs were really great for academics and sport.”

Evan Ortega, BCNY Alumnus, Billing Analyst at Bloomberg LP

“The summer before I left for boarding school, BCNY arranged meetings with school administrators and BCNY alums that had been to Hotchkiss. This helped ease my nerves, especially hearing from another city kid from Queens about life at a school in Connecticut. These alums became role models I looked up to and I hope I can do the same now for BCNY members.”

Brian Cintron, BCNY Alumnus, Young Advocates Circle Member Co-Chair, Product Oversight at Bloomberg LP

“Antonio was always in contact with my parents. I was constantly in his office, picking his brain. He helped prepare me for my interviews with boarding schools, college prep, and my job search.”

Jake Ortega, BCNY Alumnus, Business Analyst at Fulcrum Digital Inc.

Family Academy

In addition to teachers and counselors, parents are a pivotal part of student progress. BCNY is proud to present the HSA Family Academy Parent Workshop Series, which will support members and families as they navigate the best high school options for their 8th graders.

Family Academy Summer Series

  • 7/12: NYC Public Schools
  • 7/19: Parochial Schools
  • 7/26: Boarding Schools/Day Schools
  • 8/2: Career Technology Education Schools (CTE)
  • 8/9: Parent Advocacy Workshop

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