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BCNY Celebrates 2022 Black Business Month!

August was Black Business Month and BCNY highlighted BCNY alumni that demonstrated how far an idea and innovation can go. Congratulations, Justin Ramos, Jeffery Eady, and Larry Henderson on your entrepreneurship and on sharing your talents with the world. Our alumni are #FOREVERBCNY. Read below to learn more about these alumni-owned businesses and how to get in touch.


Justin Ramos

An Abbe Clubhouse alumnus, Justin is CEO of Peachi: a site that creates a digital dressing room based on your style.
Download the Peachi app by clicking here.
And connect with Justin on Linkedin.


Jeffery Eaddy

Jeff was a BCNY member from 1962-1975. He later served as BCNY Clubhouse director and expressed “[it was] one of the best times of my life working there and paying it forward.
Jeff is the Owner/Founder of 10XBusinessSolutions. He assists people in building and creating generational wealth via decentralized banking opportunities.
Get in touch with 10XBusinessSolutions by clicking here and follow Jeff on Instagram and Linkedin.
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Larry Henderson

Larry is the author of “You Are Here – A Geographical History of Enslaved and Free Africans in Manhattan: 1613 – 1865.” He is also a professional photographer and certified NYC tour guide whose tours include “African American Walking Tour of NYC”, “Soul of Harlem Walking Tour,” and “In the Footsteps of Malcolm x – A Walking Tour of Harlem”.
Larry has hundreds of positive reviews citing his professionalism and intense knowledge of the areas he tours in New York City.
To take a tour with Larry click here.