BCNY Updates

I AM BCNY Awards

BCNY’s “I AM BCNY Awards” were presented to members that exemplify our 4 Cs–Connected, Confident, Competent, and Character-Rich. 

The I AM BCNY Awards Presentations were a blast! Staff designed the award shows for their respective clubhouses. Each clubhouse show was as unique as its members, but they all had one thing in common, and that was to ensure each member knew the ideal of “You Matter!

Members were inspired to continue striving to unlock their full potential.  Each clubhouse packed the evening with thrilling dance moves, melodic musicians, and heart-warming slideshows and videos. It was undoubtedly an exciting time to be in attendance.

Each clubhouse appointed staff to speak on behalf of the winner before presenting honorees with their award and that year’s “I AM BCNY” branded sweatshirt. Each speech was thoughtful and uplifting and left award recipients feeling inspired and empowered.

As the members took the stage, handshakes and high-fives lined their path, and they were showered with overwhelming praise from their peers and staff.

These awards aren’t JUST for members, every year Clubhouse Directors nominate and award one staff member for the I AM BCNY Staff Award who embodies the 4 Cs and goes above and beyond work duties.

This overall display of encouragement allows our members to keep a positive attitude as they continue to grow from young men to leaders of their communities.  The transformative work that all of BCNY staff is doing is on full display, allowing each BCNY member to feel like a winner every day.