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2017 Frank Scott Memorial Scholarship Winner

Divine Buckrhman received the 2017 Frank Scott Memorial Scholarship at the ISP Graduation Dinner surrounded by Boys’ Club parents, alumni, members of the Board, staff and fellow graduates headed to college in the Fall.

A graduate of the Kiski School, Divine will attend Lehigh University this fall and play on their varsity football team.

Divine Buckrhman | Acceptance Speech 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Receiving this award here tonight is truly a privilege. The word privilege is a word thrown around in society today in many different topics and conversations; usually, in a negative way. Privilege: “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”

Now, me and my three Boys’ Club brothers didn’t receive this award because were better than anyone in here, or smarter, or more athletic. But through one quality: hard work. All of my Boys’ Club brothers here today share that one quality, which is our “group of people”. We are privileged because we had the great opportunity to attend and spread our great NYC persona, around the country at some of the most prestigious, and academically challenging boarding and day schools around. And for that, we are grateful.

Hard work. For me, going away, 7 hours away from home, leaving all the friends and family I knew, all the malls and food places I ate at, and all the fields and basketball courts I played at, was pretty easy for me! (At least I thought). 13 year old Divine, I thought I was the man, 5’6 or so, 130lbs pounds soaking wet, I was ready for boarding school! (At least I thought). Well, I knew I was 110% wrong from peeing on my self on the first day at orientation (literally), to sitting in the hallway of my dorm balling my eyes out because I missed my older brother. But through 4-years straight of growing, learning, and constantly progressing towards my goals, boarding school helped mold me into the young man I am today.

For me as of now, Sunday I will be heading back up to Lehigh University to continue training for this year’s football season. Starting in August, I will be a freshman on a full athletic scholarship from Lehigh’s amazing football program. Getting to where I am now was just a dream. But with love and determination I turned it into a vision, and a vision without ACTION, is really just a dream. So there you go, action is what set me apart from the crowd but it truly wouldn’t have been possible with the help and assistance of many. Thank you to BCNY for opening its doors for me to join and keep me safe and occupied after every day of school. Thank you to Bill, Antonio, Nina, and the whole ISP program for accepting that curious little 11 or 12-year-old boy who thought he was all that. You guys really are some of the most outgoing, selfless people I’ll ever meet. Thank you. Thank you to my Boys’ Club brothers, who helped me stick out all the summer prep programs studying for the SSAT, and being here with me at every meeting that I showed up an hour late to, to just talk about how the school year is going. Thank you guys. Thank you to The Kiski School for accepting me 4 years ago and opening doors I thought were never there. And last but not least, Thank you to my wonderful, but crazy, family. I truly never know how to thank you guys and everything you five have done for me. Countless hours driving, countless dollars, countless time cleaning up after me, I truly am appreciative of you guys. I hope I am making you all proud. I love you Autumn, Trin, Christian, Mommy and Alec. Words will never be enough.

Good luck to everyone graduating here tonight and I know you’ll all do exceptional things in the years to come. Thank you all for allowing me to speak tonight, sorry if I went over 3 minutes, Nina.

Goodnight and have a blessed night.