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The Importance of Community and Mentorship

From the Desk of
Raeven King, Abbe Junior Director

Abbe Junior RoomOver the past few months, I’ve born witness to my community’s array of emotions. People are mad, scared, and confused about the recent tragedies in Orlando, New Orleans, Minnesota, and Dallas. I see them asking each other: “What do we do?” “Why is this happening?” and “How can I help?” When they ask me those questions, I have an answer—and maybe the start of a solution—ready: Come be a mentor at the Boys’ Club.

Being a mentor can sound scary—it’s time-consuming, emotional work. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. Trust me, the boys at the Boys’ Club members are asking a lot of the same questions as you, which means you already have something in common.

I personally find incredible satisfaction mentoring the boys and young men at Abbe Clubhouse. Change is imminent, so we need to invest in the future. Mentors can teach boys that ignorance cannot be tolerated, and that empathy is essential in the 21st century. They say that it takes a village to raise a child; well, I think it takes village of mentors to help our members become thoughtful, compassionate, tolerant men.

As I sit in my office writing this, I can hear my colleague playing foosball with some members in the game room. They are laughing and cheering and enjoying the challenge of beating him. More importantly, they are learning sportsmanship, kindness, and positivity from him, today and every day they spend here in the Clubhouse.

Consider being a mentor at the Boys’ Club or at your local community center and help shape the youth in your community into leaders, thinkers, and feelers you can admire. Kids today won’t be able to thank you enough, even if you never win at foosball again.