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About the Young Advocates Circle

The Young Advocates Circle is a special fundraising group of professionals in their 20s and 30s devoted to supporting the Boys’ Club of New York and its members by volunteering, fundraising and engaging with like-minded philanthropic individuals.

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It takes a lot to keep our clubhouses open and running and fully stocked for our members—but we can do it thanks to YOU. Your gift provides paints for young artists, microscopes for growing scientists, uniforms for our basketball team, SAT prep books for college hopefuls, and so much more.

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After college, I was interested in finding a great organization to give back to. I started by asking family members, friends, and work colleagues for recommendations. It was after speaking with Edward Rappa where I learned about the Boys’ Club of New York. He encouraged me to visit one of the clubhouses to see the great work going on with the kids. I visited the Harriman Clubhouse in 2018 and immediately realized this was the perfect organization for me. I asked Stephen Tosh, CEO of the Boys’ Club of New York, if the organization had a young working professionals group.

Not long after that conversation with Stephen Tosh, a new group was formed. Stephanie Kearney, Troy Neal, and I started the Young Advocates Circle (YAC). The YAC became an independent group of professionals in their 20s and 30s devoted to supporting the Boys’ Club of New York and its members by volunteering, fundraising and engaging with like-minded philanthropic individuals. We have increased our membership to over 70 people and hosted a number of events to raise money for the organization. I am proud of what the group has accomplished to date and am excited to see what the future holds.

Michael Puntillo, YAC Co-President

I was first introduced to the Boys’ Club of New York through Phil Bowman when the YAC was launched and looking for volunteers with a commitment to the next generation. For me, a lifelong fan of the city, there is something especially rewarding about BCNY’s mission and proven track record of serving as a launchpad for so many young New Yorkers.

Tutoring and athletics volunteer events were some of my first experiences with the organization and have continued to be a fun and fulfilling experience each time around. I find that the hands-on aspect of the YAC to be the reason that we have garnered so much interest and support over the years. Some members may make a better dodgeball player than chemistry tutor, but we continue to be oversubscribed in our support for giving back in-person.

While the past 18 months have been a challenge for everyone to meet and stay connected, the YAC is energized by the opportunity to get back together and move forward on some of our 2019-2020 momentum.

Willis Fries, YAC Co-President



  • Eliza Breed
  • Michael Puntillo

Membership Co-Chairs

  • Philip Bowman
  • Brian Cintron

Fundraising Co-Chair

  • Stephen Hearn

Advancement Chair

  • Travis Russell

Volunteering Chair

  • Diana Bromfield


  • Mickey Abernathy
  • Kara Andrea
  • Adam August
  • Alexander S. Baccile
  • Mary Benedetto
  • Alexander E. Bennett
  • Christopher Briggs
  • Andrew Burns
  • Susan Chang
  • Thomas Cleary
  • Robert Vaughan
  • Theodore Wackerman
  • Will Conrad
  • Lion-Robert Creel
  • Michaela Cronin
  • Julia Dean
  • Francesca del Balzo
  • Mackenzie Dowling
  • Olivia Dolan
  • Kara Duggan
  • Ashley Enthoven
  • Omar Ferreira
  • Drew Walker
  • Matthew Weber
  • Alanna Flores
  • Benjamin Garfinkel
  • Jonathan Garfinkel
  • Cristina Hackley
  • Ted Henderson
  • Daniel Hirsch
  • Campbell Howe
  • Doria Josma
  • Stephanie Kearney
  • Adam Klopp
  • Perrin Wheeler
  • Harry Williams
  • Meghan Klopp
  • Zoe L’Esperance
  • Nicholas Leon
  • James W. Linville
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • John T. Martin
  • Aleesha Melwani
  • Joseph Mensah
  • Carter Moore
  • Justin Morales
  • Will Zinterhofer
  • Troy Neal
  • Samantha Osborne
  • Alexander Osgood
  • Christopher Oyathelemi
  • Helen Parzick
  • Carter Patrick
  • Ned Pierrepont
  • Justin Ramos
  • David C. Saunders
  • Andrew Sawyer
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Edward Seber
  • Penn Sednaoui
  • Rory Shepard
  • Ashley Sierra
  • Reed Smith
  • Fred Spencer
  • Jacob Stonecipher
  • Eve Taylor
  • Isabel Taylor

Past Events

Yankees vs. Angels

June 2, 2021. BCNY YAC visited the June 2 Yankees vs. Angels game with some members from the clubhouses.

2021 Thanksgiving Drive

YAC members supported our Annual Thanksgiving Drive on November 20, 2021.

2021 Fall Celebration

Numerous young advocates supported the Fall Celebration at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park on October 6, 2021.

Virtual Winter Luncheon

Our annual event featured a conversation with Raymond J. McGuire, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of New York City and Former Vice Chairman of Citigroup on February 17, 2021.

YAC members participated in virtual mock interviews with our High School Access members on January 7th, 2021

HSA members are readying their applications for their top choice high schools, and to help them prepare, the Young Advocates Circle volunteers spoke to twelve HSA members to help prepare them for the next step in the interview process.

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For more information about the Young Advocates Circle, please contact Eniko Horvath, Director of Development Communications and Events, at 347.505.5320.

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