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Community Events



Alveole Buzz visits Abbe Clubhouse

Film Editing with Andrès Arias


Introduction to Film Direction


Public speaking with Chrysti Cook

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2024 Youth Pride


2024 Poster House Visit

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2024 Abbe Music Recital


2024 Gerry Clubhouse Major Awards


2024 Abbe Clubhouse Major Awards

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2024 Abbe 4C’s Awards


NYC Pride Internship x BCNY 

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BCNY in the NYC Teen Race of Hope


2024 Gerry Arts Showcase


Poster Making Workshop with Tao Goffe



2024 East Harlem Little League Opening Day

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Project Comms Spring Tutorials

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2024 Citi Field (Mets Stadium) Visit

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2024 Domino Park visit

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2024 Clubhouse Classic Championship

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Hope for Depression Panel 2024

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YMG (Young Men’s Group) with Ashanti Branch

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Family Friday Green Day contest 

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BCNY at the Latino College Expo and Leadership Summit 2024


 Tall Tale Chronicles with Rodney O Miller

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Hydroponics at BCNY 2.28.24

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Dr Tao Leigh Goffe 2024 PAC Session

2024 BCNY at Wollman Rink 2.17.24

2024 Klinic Kids

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2024 BCNY Jamboree

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BCNY x Ashanti Branch – The Masks We Wear Workshop

2023 Holiday Events

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2023 Fall Cycle 4C Awards

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2023 BCNY Thanksgiving Dinner

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Fall 2023 Ice Skating and Lessons at Wollman Rink

Halloween FY24

2023 BCNY’s College & Career Week

2023 NYT Best Selling Author, Frederick Joseph Visits BCNY’S BOYS PREP

2023 BCNY Tours Newlab

2023 Project Comms and Gerry Members Visit the Universal Hip Hop Museum

2023 Gerry Culinary Showcase

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2023 Abbe Steppers

2023 Abbe and Gerry Major Awards

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2023 Gerry Arts Showcase: The Revival