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Eco-Art & Hip-Hop: Flyer Workshop with Tao Leigh Goffe & Cecile Chong

May 18th, 2024

Using past NYC hip-hop flyers and plants from our hydroponics department for inspiration, Juniors and Teens joined artists Dr. Tao Leigh Goffe and Cecile Chong for a special art-making workshop at Gerry Clubhouse. 

The workshop began with a discussion by Tao Leigh Goffe detailing the connection between ecology and her art, using her exhibit, Plot and Provision: Crate Digging, on view at Wave Hill as an example. Plot and Provision: Crave Digging is a climate-art, multimedia installation that explores intergenerational healing through the sounds and the soil of the Bronx. Then, she expanded on the hip-hop event and party flyers (archived by Cornell University) posted around the room for members to use as inspiration. These flyers were constructed entirely by hand, illustrating graphic design elements from before digital help. Some flyers presented were even held at past Boys’ Club locations, surprising members and staff.  

 Artist Cecile Chong discussed the connections between her art, Ecuador, Hong Kong, and the environment. Growing up in Quito and Macau, Cecile highlighted the concept and construction process behind her “guagua” (Quechua for baby) Additionally, she discussed how cultural narratives can cross with different histories and connections with ecologies, manifesting in her work (in blue) painting, for example.   

The members, having absorbed this, moved onto the mound of supplies awaiting them- from markers, construction paper, glue, markers, highlighters, plants, and fuzzy paper. They were tasked with creating a flyer for their own hip-hop party. This party needed some plants and flowers, five songs or artists, and to be about one specific neighborhood in NYC. From cartoon Venus flytrap characters to original fonts representing their neighborhoods and favorite artists, members showcased their artistry and music-curating vision. You can see more of their flyers at the photo gallery.