BCNY Updates

31st Annual Latino College Expo at BCNY

March 16th, 2024 

“So much passion, creativity, and truth to this event. 1990 was a realization that something had to be done to bring about more awareness and create a stronger partnership between parents and their child. Then, when you add awareness of all the resources that are available from community-based organizations (CBOs) that can help them, this event is about the village and the pride of our people. BCNY is proud to represent the power and importance of CBOs to support students with educational access.” – Antonio Aponte, Director of Education and Career Services at Gerry Clubhouse.

On March 16th, admissions representatives from over 50 public and private colleges, universities, and community-based organizations came together for the 31st Annual Latino College Expo. Founded in 1990, Latino College Expo strives to “elevate the educational aspirations of the Latino community and all youth.” Fostering stronger partnerships between a student and their parents/guardians and counselors can maximize success in the face of the daunting process of finding and affording college. Students and parents from all over the Latino community came prepared with school transcripts, test scores, and a list of extracurricular activities to talk one-on-one with college advisors in English or Spanish at “Ask the Counselor” tables.  

A special shoutout to BCNY member Caleb L. who volunteered at the event, capturing beautiful photos and left feeling inspired: “It was great to see the turnout for this event, I mean Antonio has been doing this for more than 30 years, it’s impressive. Students were engaged and so respectful and I can’t forget the behind-the-scenes hugs and love between organizers, volunteers, college representatives, CBOs, and the families attending the Expo as well!” 

See photos from the expo below.