BCNY Updates

NYC metro dynasty swim league championship

February 3rd, 2024

February 3rd was the NYC metro dynasty swim league championship. We qualified 42 boys out of our 60 participating members (practice squad and swim team). The atmosphere was electric and nothing short of inspirational. The panthers and coaches were all focus on the task at hand and delivered the repeat championship. It’s a bitter sweet moment for myself as my explorer swimmers are now seniors in high school and will be graduating out of our program.

I want to acknowledge the coaches who have invested time and effort to help prepare the boys for this amazing swim year. Endless Saturdays or Sundays coaching, talking to parents, weekday practices pushing and motivating the swimmers ect. Well deserve repeat championship

Coach Nacho, Coach John, Coach Teryl, and Coach Arturo

I want to acknowledge 2 support staff who help mentor and coach the members

Kelvin Jarama and Victor Nouel

I want to acknowledge 2 specific swimmers/team captains who held the ABBE swimming culture at its highest and consistently held the swimming standards at its highest. They didn’t only swim for us they recruited their high school team mates to become members, they held others accountable for not showing up to practice, the help guide and motivate the team to this championship. In all 3 of their events they placed first and set the standards for the entire team to do their best and leave it all in the water.

Matthew Pacheco and Danny Ye

– Coach Orlando Nazario