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Alumnus Spotlight: Project Comms Interviews Su Sanni

August 4th, 2023

Project Comms participants were invited to New Lab to interview Su Sanni, BCNY Alumnus and founder of Dollaride. Dollaride is a service that was created to provide affordable and accessible transportation for neighborhoods in New York that need it the most.  

Prior to the interview, Su gave us a tour of New Lab’s 50,000 square foot campus, headquarters to countless tech startups who focus on sustainability. A few highlights were Gradient, a company who specializes in creating low carbon alternative AC units; Clip, who’s Ceo demonstrated their accessory that converts any typical pedal bike into an e-bike capable of travelling up to 25mph; and Amogy, a fuel cell company that has developed a way to turn ammonium, one of the Earth’s most abundant molecules, into fuel.  

Su fielded questions about his motivation behind Dollaride, his memories at the Boys’ Club in the 90s, and the impact BCNY had on his life and career. Watch the full interview below:

To learn more about Dollaride and its mission, visit their website.

This post was created by Project Comms participant, Benjamin B.