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BCNY Celebrity Ambassador, Mr. Cory, visited Gerry Clubhouse for a special cooking demonstration: Chocolate Chip Cookies.


On February 7, 2020, the Gerry Clubhouse welcomed moms and sons for a special cooking demonstration with BCNY Celebrity Ambassador and youth entrepreneur Mr. Cory.  Along with his mom, affectionately known as Cookie Mom, Mr. Cory shared his passion and knowledge for baking, and the result was not just pillow-soft chocolate chip cookies. More importantly, there was an overall sense of love and bonding between the two-dozen moms and sons who participated.

Mr. Cory’s hands-on, step-by-step demonstration was nothing short of amazing.  He struck a beautiful balance between engaging the younger members while keeping their older peers entertained and informed. Their first step was to review all of the safety tips while working in the kitchen. Young men draped aprons over the heads of their mothers as they began by measuring out ingredients.  

As they baked, mothers laughed and reflected on their first time cooking or baking.  Although their stories were uniquely different, there was one glaring commonality: mothers and sons baked together with love. Both mother and son placed their cookie creations into the oven, which was set at 325 degrees.  A sense of accomplishment that could be seen on all the smiling faces. 

For all those reasons, BCNY thanks you, Mr. Cory and Cookie Mom.  We appreciate you taking the time to pass on your knowledge, passion, and love for baking with our community. We look forward to next time!