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Youth Council Q&As with Stephen Tosh

Stephen Tosh, BCNY’s Executive Director and CEO, had the privilege of dining with members of the Youth Council from all three clubhouses. He ended the evening with a Q&A session, answering questions about the Boys’ Club and about himself:

Q&A Highlights

What is your favorite thing about the Boys’ Club?
I love lots of things: the energy, the smiles, the handshake and hugs, the teamwork and the feeling of being part of an amazing community. After eight years, the Boys’ Club is my home and a big part of who I am.

What do you do when you aren’t at the Boys’ Club?
Mainly I rest, since you guys wear me out with your energy and excitement. Otherwise, I like to read, walk around the city, listen to music, practice yoga and spend time with my family. I used to play a lot of basketball but my aging knees sidelined me and I am limited to watching you and the staff get after it.

What is your vision for Youth Council?
I see the Youth Council playing a key role representing the views and aspirations of BCNY’s members with clubhouse staff, me and even the board of trustees. This includes suggesting field trips, special events and new programs. I also see the Council working to create a more unified and stronger culture among the members, within and between the clubhouses. Eventually, I would also like to see the Council speaking out on political and social issues facing boys and young men.

What is your advice for someone who is new to Youth Council?
Never forget you were elected by your peers so you need to reach out and listen to what they have to say about the Boys’ Club and about how well you are representing their views. I also urge you to take the job seriously and enjoy the opportunity. Work closely with your colleagues on the Council, take strong positions while being ready to negotiate and compromise when it is necessary to make things happen. Don’t be shy. Do jump in with both feet. You were elected for a reason. Go for it!

Where do you see the Boys’ Club in ten years?
By 2028 BCNY will have expanded to Brooklyn and the Bronx with new clubhouses. High School Access initiative, college advisement and career programs will be successful and thriving at all clubhouses. With our camp as the centerpiece, we will offer many exciting and challenging wilderness programs. BCNY will be nationally recognized for our expertise in creating quality programs for boys and young men. Finally, many of you will have taken advantage of what you learned at the Boys’ Club and in Youth Council, and will be working at BCNY with the next generation of our boys while on your way to a successful career.