BCNY Updates

Meet the BCNY NewsBoys

The dynamic BCNY NewsBoys created the very first Boys’ Club yearbook! The all-member staff created the layouts, designed the cover, took the photos, wrote the copy, organized a BCNY picture day, and reported on Harriman Clubhouse events on Thursday evenings. The end result is an amazing representation of BCNY and the creativity of our members. Take a peek below!

Our members learned about the teamwork that goes into creating a publication.

Our members filled the roles of:

  • Editor-In-Chief: Oversees all production and design elements of year book
  • Assistant Editor-In-Chief: Assists in overseeing all production and design elements of year book
  • Reporters/Copy Writers: Interviews members, staff, parents; Writes BCNY yearbook articles; contributes to writing captions
  • Photographers and Photo Selection Committee: Takes and organizes all photos (excluding portraits); contributes to writing captions
  • Artists:
    • Cover Design
    • Logos/Graphic Design
    • Layout Designers


They even had a NewsBoys motto:

“I am here to learn. I am here to grow myself, my department, and my BCNY Community! I am here to create the first BCNY Yearbook!”