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Egg Drop Challenge

Can you design a structure that keeps an egg from breaking when it is dropped from 10 feet in the air? How about when it’s dropped from the Abbe Clubhouse roof?

The Egg Drop Challenge is a fun, hands-on activity that encourages independent and creative thinking and self-directed problem solving while introducing BCNY members to STEM concepts like physics and materials science.

Members of all ages were challenged to create a structure using every-day materials found in their own homes that would protect a raw egg from cracking after being dropped from any height.

Explorer member Jaden won the 2017 Egg Drop Challenge beating older Junior and Teen members with his multi-layered design.

Jaden protected his egg by surrounding it in cotton balls and securing them in a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag. He then filled a gallon sized Ziploc bag with Rice Crispies to surround the sandwich bag.

Watch this video of Jaden finding out that he’s the Egg Drop Challenge winner!

Abbe Clubhouse Director Ron Britt dropped Jaden’s structure from the roof of Abbe Clubhouse as a final challenge!