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Meet Jaylen, BCNY Chanteur

Jaylen Bowers, BCNY Alumnus and Singer

BCNY alumnus Jaylen was singing before he could talk, “My mother said I was humming along to songs before I even knew the words,” he says.

Jaylen became a member at Harriman Clubhouse when he was ten years old, and it was at the Boys’ Club that Jaylen first started taking singing lessons, “I was here before the music program had started. Back then they had a chorus group so I sang there.” With the support of the Boys’ Club, Jaylen started to discover his love of music.

Today, Jaylen is earning a degree in Music Recording Technology. A proud alumnus, he works at the Boys’ Club, escorting boys to and from their music lessons and helping his former mentor, music teacher Samora, teach the next generation of BCNY musicians. “Samora was a real influence for me. She helped me with my voice and showed me what I could do as adult in music. I love going down [to the music rooms] and showing the kids how to hit a note or singing along with them.”

Jaylen is looking forward to a career in the music recording business, and hopes to have the opportunity to utilize his degree and make music from a new perspective. He’ll never forget his years at the Boys’ Club, where he learned to sing, learned to lead, and learned to succeed.

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