BCNY Updates

Meet Aleta and Markus

Markus, age 8, used to attend Children’s Aid Society, but with his mom’s full-time responsibilities as Dos Toros’ Chief of HR, the early evening pick-up times were a real challenge for them. When Aleta learned about BCNY’s late hours, she signed Markus up right away.

Today, Aleta and Markus love BCNY. Aleta says that Markus demands that Aleta let him stay until 6:45pm, and scolds her if she comes early. His favorite activities are basketball, art, and guitar lessons in the music department. This fall he participated in Steps to Respect and performed in the original skit about bully prevention in front of the whole clubhouse.

Aleta has been really impressed by the staff, especially the Explorer Department staff members at Gerry Clubhouse, and their seemingly unending patience with the little boys.

For two years, as a gift to the hard-working Gerry Clubhouse staff, Aleta has arranged for Dos Toros to provide the food for the Gerry staff holiday party. She knows how tough their jobs can be and enjoys being able to give back through her job.

Thank you Aleta and Markus for being a part of our BCNY community!