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Meet Winston, Smart City Planner

Abbe member Winston, age 13, has been building his resume of STEM program success for years. He’s competed in Lego League robotics tournaments and 3D printing contests since he was ten-years-old. Now that he’s a Teen, he’s taken a leadership role in STEM by volunteering to assist Abbe STEM teachers with their lessons.

“Winston loves being challenged by the Science of Smart Cities program (thanks to a partnership with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering) and wants to study STEM in college,” said Abbe Clubhouse Education Coordinator Nick Eaton.

Winston has won several recognition awards for his attendance and leadership in STEM and is an exemplary BCNY member serving as a role model to his peers and younger counterparts. Looking ahead, Winston will work with the Abbe Education Director and the BCNY Department of Educational and Career Services (DECS) to complete an internship focused on job training and professional development as he pursues college and career opportunities in STEM.